CEO Boosts Access to Exchanges for ISP Association Members

The two announced their collaboration today, explaining that it will help APJII members in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Pekanbaru to easily access IIX and strengthen the internet connectivity infrastructure in Indonesia.

Launched in August 1997, the IIX is operated by the Indonesian Association of Internet Service Providers, but the collaboration will also include PDG’s 22 MW Jakarta Cibitung 2 (JC2), an entirely new development recently launched by PDG.

APJII Chairman Muhammad Arif said, “As Internet penetration continues to grow, APJII must anticipate the needs of Internet infrastructure, including Internet exchange nodes and data center, in terms of capacity, reliability and efficiency. APJII is committed to supporting Indonesia’s vision of becoming the region’s greatest digital economic powerhouse and strengthening internet sovereignty.

The APJII is a long-established association with more than 700 Internet service providers and more than 3,000 member companies. The association offers its members several strategic services, including access to IIX, support, seminars and training, and industry information.

The Indonesian government has launched a program to drive digital transformation by building the country’s digital and internet infrastructure to expand connectivity across the geographically challenging archipelago. Indonesia has an internet penetration rate of 73.7% in 2021, an increase from over 64.8% in 2018, and 95% of the country’s population accesses the internet through smartphones.

Stephanus Tumbelaka, Indonesian MD for Princeton Digital Group, said, “Building a stronger digital infrastructure in Indonesia and contributing to the upliftment of the nation as a whole is at the heart of PDG. Being at the center of explosive economic growth and rapid digitalization by the government sector in Indonesia, PDG is well positioned to serve global cloud companies, national internet companies and enterprises with unparalleled scalability, connectivity and reliability. .

Ida M. Morgan