Disappointment awaits those dependent on party strength and structure – CAN President – The Sun Nigeria

By Fred Ezeh Abuja

The President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. Daniel Okoh, has predicted a dismal performance and possible failure for political parties that build and rely on the popularity, structures or strength of their political party to win in the 2023 general election.

He reminded the political parties that such opportunities were possible in the past, but not in today’s Nigeria where Nigerians are enlightened and line up behind individuals who they believe have answers to their questions.

The CAN President who spoke at a thanksgiving held on his behalf at Christ Holy Church also known as Nation’s Builders (Odozi-Obodo) in Abuja on Sunday said politicians had let the people down several times in the past, hence the people decided to take a new approach in choosing their leaders.

He said: “We are in campaign time and there is so much going on. But whatever happens, we must stand up for the truth. We must be vigilant and ensure that no one introduces what is wrong into your pocket. We have to make sure that no one cheats on you, no one buys your conscience, your four years of joy. That’s the way to be alert.

“We need to critically challenge people who aspire to different political office in the next general election. They should be able to convince us before we vote. Always think before you act. Jesus Christ teaches us to watch and pray, and that is what we are currently doing in Nigeria regarding the upcoming elections.

“Before you vote make sure you know who you are voting for as things are starting to change in Nigeria especially the electoral system. The era of voting for a political party logo is over. People no longer vote for a party but for individuals. Voters now question credibility, character, ability and other criteria before voting.

“Gone are the days when you boost electoral victory because you belong to a particular political party that is thought to have structure or strength. Any politician who thinks that way now is obviously wrong.

“Christians and Nigerians would run for office with both eyes open. They asked questions about their well-being, education, health, human capital development and many more.

He, however, called on politicians seeking political office in the upcoming elections to make promises that they will keep, not unrealistic and tempting offers that they will not keep.

He advised against young people making themselves available to be used as thugs and other agents of disruption.

“Our young people are no longer available to be used as thugs. They’ve gone digital and are doing amazing things. I am one of those who believe that young people should participate in the things that concern them. We need to widen the space and inject new blood into Nigeria’s leadership.

“Our young people should not be used as campaign material. Nigeria is one of the best places to live, regardless of the challenges it faces. We enjoy unlimited freedom here, even if it is beginning to elude us. But by faith we would get it back and bring our country back to its glory days.

The secretary of the Organization of African Instituted Churches (OAIC), Dr. Victor Ivoke, told reporters that the recent emergence of Dr. Okoh, from the CAN OAIC bloc, is a powerful boost for the bloc which n hasn’t produced a CAN president in the past 46 years. years of existence of the CAN.

He said, “We are happy that Christ Holy Church, which belongs to the OAIC bloc of CAN, has given Christians a leader who will steer the affairs of CAN in Nigeria. We trust in his ability and competence to lead the CAN and also to lead the Christians this time around. »

Chaplain of Men’s Fellowship, Christ Holy Church, Venerable Austin Eze, said the Men’s Fellowship conference, which ended in Abuja this weekend, was an opportunity for men to get training and skills on how to continue to fulfill their responsibilities as fathers.

The President of the Men’s Fellowship Conference of Christ Holy Church, Chief Chukwuma Igwe, in his remarks stressed the need for the church to stand up in defense of society.

He said, “We often take the opportunity to celebrate men and strengthen our commitment to evangelism. This will allow us to have a healthier society.

Ida M. Morgan