Duterte EO ink strengthening the organizational structure of PCW

MANILA – President Rodrigo Duterte issued an Executive Order (EO) strengthening the organizational structure of the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW).

EO 167, inked by Duterte on Wednesday, modifies EO 208 signed in 1994 to introduce changes to the composition of the PCW.

“Given the expanded role and scope of work of the PCW, there is a need to strengthen the organizational structure of the Commission, including its current membership,” the order states.

Under EO 167, the PCW President appointed by the President will serve full-time with the rank and emoluments of an Under-Secretary.

The EO also directs the inclusion of two additional members who will represent the elderly and the disabled respectively.

Outgoing members of the government’s PCW include the chairman of the National Economic Development Authority and the heads of the departments of agriculture, budget, education, foreign affairs, health, local government, labor , social protection and trade.

“Heads of the government agencies mentioned are authorized to appoint their permanent alternates with a rank not lower than Assistant Secretary to represent them at meetings of the Commission and other official functions. The ex-officio member shall notify the Commission by writing of this designation”, according to OE 167.

The PCW also includes members of non-governmental organizations representing workers; commerce and industry; science and health; education or university; Urban poor; indigenous peoples; farmers and fishermen; media, culture and arts; and youth sectors.

A representative of the National Council of Women of the Philippines is also a member of the commission.

The new EO creates a PCW Secretariat which will be headed by an Executive Director and assisted by two Deputy Directors.

The PCW Secretariat is mandated to oversee the provision of required technical and administrative services to members of the Commission.

“Except as expressly modified by this Order, all other provisions of EO No. 208, as amended, shall remain in full force and effect,” EO 167 said.

The PCW is the main policy-making and coordinating body for all women’s development programs and institutions in the country.

The commission is appointed to institute gender sensitivity of national development plans, coordinate the evaluation and update of the National Women’s Plan, undertake continuous advocacy to promote women’s empowerment and ensure the gains of Filipino women .

Malacañang released a copy of EO 167 on Friday. (NAP)

Ida M. Morgan