It is not about physically destroying the existing structure – Nausori Principals Association

It is not about physically destroying the existing structure – Nausori Principals Association

Education Minister Premila Kumar. [Image: fijivillage]

Nausori Headmasters Association Chairman Vishnu Deo Sharma said the Association had heard Education Minister Premila Kumar’s views on computer labs and would look forward to the strategic direction provided by the ministry to move things forward in a positive way for the improvement of children’s education.

Sharma says they feel that we really need to understand in the right context what Minister Kumar was alluding to regarding the dismantling of computer labs in schools.

According to him, it is about providing a new direction in terms of learning and teaching so that technology is not limited to an assigned room but is integrated into all subjects.

Sharma says it’s not about physically destroying the existing structure, but about gradually making the learning environment an icon of 21st century learning.

He further says that technology has revolutionized over the years and if we are not able to keep pace, our system will become outdated and boring for our modern age and tech-centric learners.

Sharma says technology has come out of four walls and into our hands and pockets as we go.

The President says that since the ministry provides the free grant for education and a large amount is allocated for IT, he sees no problem that schools cannot switch to smarter learning gadgets and who can bring enthusiasm and innovation to daily learning.

He says many schools have already jumped in this direction by investing in tablets and smart TVs, thus students have started to take advantage of these gadgets, making their learning and teaching enjoyable and interesting.

The Nausori School Principals Association is a professional body comprised of school principals from all schools in the Nausori Education District, the largest education district under the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts.

Ida M. Morgan