Members of the Canadian Association of Arab Women complete the Guelph Police Academy

The Guelph Police Department and the Canadian Association of Arab Women (CAWA) have completed an eight-week program focused on education.

The training saw participants from several countries.

The eight-week program focused on topics such as domestic violence, cybercrime, human trafficking, fraud, and other topics.

“The purpose of this police academy is to educate and build trust between the Arab community and the police,” said Asma Al-Wahsh, founder and executive director of CAWA. “During the eight-week sessions, Arab women from different countries, including Morocco, Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Egypt, have attended the police academy and now have the information they need to apply for the police academy. ‘coming. They are more confident now that they can always turn to the police for help and support.

Members of the Guelph Police Service and the Canadian Association of Arab Women after completing the course. (GPS)

Guelph police say the program has given many new immigrants a better understanding of the law.

“The program has been a great success,” said the Guelph Police Service Inspector. Steve Gil. “Programs like these allow us to educate and engage community members, which also helps protect them and prevent them from becoming victims of crime.”

Guelph Police Service Chief Gord Cobey said such programs provide great benefits to the community and also to the service. “In addition to allowing us to share information about the dedicated work of our members to support our citizens, this program has provided an important opportunity for our service to learn from members of our community and better understand how we can better support and represent our community,” says Cobey.

Ida M. Morgan