NC teachers rally against proposed new salary structure

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) — The state’s largest teachers’ organization is responding to proposed changes in the classroom.

That’s when lawmakers are considering a new compensation structure that would emphasize performance rather than experience.

Later Tuesday morning, the North Carolina Association of Educators is expected to speak about this plan in downtown Raleigh.

They call the idea unpopular and a gamble for students.

All this comes as the country faces a severe shortage of teachers.

As a solution to staffing issues in North Carolina, a state commission suggested that standardized test scores, peer reviews, and student surveys would partly determine whether a teacher should retain their license.

Currently, experience largely determines a teacher’s salary and promotions.

Proponents of the plan believe these changes would attract more applicants, increase salaries and retention.

The North Carolina Educators’ Association says it thinks this plan lowers the standards for becoming a teacher and doesn’t address the real issue of retention and recruitment.

Education advocates, teachers and parents are due to meet here on Halifax Mall at 10:00 a.m. to further discuss the impact this would have on public education.

The final draft of the proposal is expected to be presented to the State Board of Education next month. From there, the General Assembly should approve its funding.

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Ida M. Morgan