‘SOS Biden, they won’t stop Roe:’ Man scales metal structure to send abortion rights message – NBC 6 South Florida

A man identifying himself as Caleb Freestone and a member of an organization called “Whatever it Takes 2022”, appeared to climb to the top of a metal beam structure in Miami to hang a large green banner reading “SOS Biden, they don’t will not”. Stop at Roe.

It happened Saturday morning on the 3rd court in the northwest before a protest organized by “Bans Off Miami”.

After Freestone descended from the ground structure, which was several dozen meters below, he and a friend appeared to have been handcuffed by waiting police.

The Miami Police Department says two men have been detained, but have not been arrested and are not facing charges.

“They say voting is their solution,” Freestone said after getting out of the back of the Miami police cruiser. “Well, I’m not going to go to sleep until November. It’s long, there’s a lot of work to do until then. It doesn’t require those skills, it doesn’t require that level of risk, it doesn’t require a significant level of involvement. Everyone has the ability to contribute to a movement.

A few dozen Bans Off Miami protesters were then seen at the base of the structure, protesting the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade with signs and a megaphone.

“We need to codify Roe v. Wade. We need our president and our elected officials to fight back. Because the only people I see fighting right now are the Republican Party,” Bans Off Miami co-founder Tania Gonzalez said.

President Biden on Friday signed an executive order to protect access to reproductive health, including abortion and contraception.

The president criticized the Supreme Court’s decision during a Friday press briefing.

“So what we are witnessing was not a constitutional judgment. It was an exercise in raw political power,” President Biden said.

The Biden administration has said it will take steps to protect patient privacy, access to accurate information, and promote the safety and security of healthcare providers and clinics.

The order also directs the Department of Health and Human Services to increase access to abortion pills and various types of contraception.

Christian Family of Florida Coalition President Anthony Verdugo questioned the president’s motives behind the executive order.

“The president is just trying to make sure he keeps a majority in the house and the senate, and right now it’s not going well,” Verdugo said.

Ida M. Morgan