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BYU football coach Kalani Sitake practices at Spring Ball in March 2022. (Photo courtesy of BYU)

As part of the transition process for the upcoming move to the Big 12 conference, BYU’s football program has been allowed to add more support staff.

But, as he said on a conference call Monday, Cougar head coach Kalani Sitake wasn’t going to add people just to add people.

The conference call came after Sitake formally appointed eight people to positions within its football support team, including three current staff members taking on new roles.

The support staff will be led by new chief of staff, Jon Swift, who has served the past four seasons as director of football operations for Sitake. Billy Nixon, who oversaw the program’s player experience and equipment operations, will be the new director of football operations, while Jack Damuni, the campus recruiting and community/player relations coordinator, will be the director. soccer relationships.

Sitake also announced the additions of Justin Anderson as Director of Player Personnel, Mike Hall as Director of Player Development, Brandon Bradley as Director of Campus Experience and Josh Hewitt as Director of football equipment operations. Meanwhile, Dan Wilcox, who has provided nutrition services to the team, has been hired as director of football sports performance nutrition.

“I’m really excited to announce the addition of new family members to our team,” said Sitake. “I’m really excited about the opportunities we have to grow and work more effectively as a football program with the new signings. I’ve been very happy to get to know them through the interview process. I have known a number of them for many years so it will be very important to be able to have them and their expertise and experience here with us and more importantly it will be a huge opportunity for them to mentor the young men in our program.

Swift said these final steps are part of a goal to meet the needs of being a Big 12 program.

“When we announced the Big 12, one of the first things Kalani and I did was get together and assess our current organization and compare it to those we will be competing against,” Swift said. “We saw that there was a big gap there. So we put our minds together and really started working out our idea of ​​what the proper organization looks like to be able to compete in the Big 12 and move forward.

The BYU head coach explained that the goal of the expansion process is to allow the staff to excel more in their different roles instead of being too scattered.

“The work is there,” Sitake said. “It allows our guys to maybe focus on something a bit unique and master their craft, but also find ways to really improve our program as a whole. I felt like the guys were spread too thin, and now it gives us a chance for them to really do well and magnify their work.

He explained that the most important aspect for him is to elevate the attention that can be given through the program in all aspects of their mission, especially as they are entrusted with more funds.

“The money helps, but that’s about where we can use it to help our program become even better,” Sitake said. “For me it was about finding the right people who can connect with our players who will work very well with our staff. They will also work well with fans, on-campus faculty and staff, and on-campus students. I’m really proud of these new recruits. These men have done a great job in their lives and I appreciate the people they are, their family life and what they can do professionally.

Sitake also acknowledged that BYU isn’t done adding new positions.

“I want to hire as many as I can,” Sitake said. “I will accept as much help as possible. I’ll probably ask for way more than they’ll give us, but that’s okay. I love being the head coach, but I can work a lot better when I have a group of bright minds in the building. It helps to be able to collaborate with so many people, where we can have new ideas and then be innovative, find new ways of doing something.

Check out the Daily Herald’s sports section on Wednesday for details on some of the new positions and additions to the Cougar football staff.


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