Who are the members of the Solitary Association? Rumors Hint At HYBE Boy Group Trainee A’s Debut

It looks like a new K-pop group is entering the scene after HYBE recently launched girl group Le Sserafim, which is currently caught up in a dramatic scandal involving one of its members. On May 23, it was announced that HYBE will be titled Big Hit Music. Co.Ltd. filed a trademark application for a new phrase that could be the name of their next boy group.

It has been reported that HYBE has officially completed the trademark application registration for the phrase ‘ALONERS ASSOCIATION’ (Aloners Association), which will be the name of their upcoming boy group. Initial reports claimed that HYBE first applied for recording in December 2021. This will be the label’s first boy group to debut after I-Land boy group Enhypen and their first boy group under the subsidiary. Big Hit Music after BTS and TXT debuted.


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Who are the members of the Solitary Association?

The new boy group is rumored to be made up of members of the trainee group of HYBE Trainee A – a seven-member multinational collective made up of artists from Korea, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand, aged from 15 to 19 years old. While HYBE has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, the group’s name has been teased by members of Intern A for quite some time now, which is why fans are sure they will call themselves Aloners Association once. that they will debut, which could be very soon.

Trainee Members A

HYBE’s trainee group currently consists of seven members, namely Yorch, Leo, Sangwon, Woochan, James, Jihoon, and JJ. The group is set to debut in 2022 and have been training since 2021. Yorch, the oldest member of the group, is an actor of Thai descent, while Leo, the second oldest, is Korean-Australian. Leo was embroiled in a scandal involving misogynistic lyrics on one of his rap songs which sparked controversy online. The trainee apologized for the lyrics afterwards. Leo also appeared in BTS’s “Permission to Dance” music video as a background dancer. Sangwon is the third oldest member of the group and is Korean by nationality. He has been training at BigHit since 2016.

Woochan, the fourth member of Trainee A, shot to fame with the Mnet rap survival show “Show Me The Money.” The fifth oldest is Chinese-born James, who was once an ice hockey athlete. He is fluent in Chinese, Thai, Korean and English. Japanese-American member JJ is the second youngest and has been a dancing prodigy since the age of seven. He is a former member of the J-pop group Amezari Red Star. Jihoon, the youngest member of the group, was born in 2006 and learned dance from Monika, “Street Woman Fighter”.

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