Wolftank Group: new organizational structure presented at today’s Annual General Meeting, a strong wind for sustainable energy solutions

2021 Annual and Sustainability Report focused on commitment to circularity

2021 turnaround successfully initiated with improvement in key performance indicators

Good start to 2022

Wolftank Group (Wolftank-Adisa Holding AG, ISIN: AT0000A25NJ6) today presented its powerful new group organization at the Annual General Meeting. As a leading global technology partner for energy and environmental solutions, the Group has subsidiaries in eight countries on three continents and provides services to customers in more than 20 countries. In order to fully exploit growth opportunities and operate efficiently across national and corporate borders, the operational business is now grouped into the five business units “Hydrogen”, “LNG”, “Biogas”, “Environmental Services” and “Industrial Coatings”. The territorial “Senior Vice Presidents” are responsible for the regional management of the company.

Matteo Ciarapica has been appointed COO of Wolftank Group, in addition to his role as CEO of the Italian subsidiary. Alongside group CEO Peter Werth, he is responsible for the operational activities of the group. The CFO of the Wolftank Group is Christian Pukljak.

“The new internal organization and expanded management team will help us manage our business across borders. This is another step on our path to growth and will allow us to offer our products and services for supply in zero-emission energy in an integrated way”, says CEO Peter Werth. This will also further support the Group’s turnaround. The group’s consolidated key figures for 2021 already show a clear improvement compared to the pandemic year 2020: operating performance increased by around a third to 47.1 million euros (2020: 35.5 million euros ), sales increased from €35.0 million in 2020 to €44.6 million in 2021, an increase of 27%. EBITDA adjusted for exceptional effects is €2.6 million (2020 EBITDA: €0.0 million). Adjusted operating profit EBIT amounted to minus €0.16 million, after minus €2.0 million in 2020. Net debt was reduced from €19.8 million in 2020 to 11.4 million euros in 2021.

Sustainability as a core business

The Wolftank Group’s annual and sustainability report was published today at the annual general meeting. The company, a technology provider with a strong focus on sustainable energy and environmental solutions, emphasizes circularity. Sustainability is built into all aspects of the Wolftank Group. An ESG rating from Asset Impact classifies Wolftank Group as “very sustainable”. Following the publication of the first sustainable development report the previous year, a constant and coordinated ESG management was deployed throughout the Group, as well as a dedicated strategy. The comprehensive and integrated 2021 sustainability report has been prepared based on GRI standards. The report is published in English and available here.

On the way to 2022

Backed by strong partnerships, most recently with Molgas, the Q8 Group, the gas supplier Snam and the telecoms leader TIM, the Group is further strengthening its position in the field of renewable energies. As a knock-on effect of the COVID 19 pandemic, processes such as digitalization, working from home and environmentally friendly mobility have accelerated dramatically and are also paying a toll in terms of climate protection. The war in Ukraine also strengthens the determination of many countries to invest in alternative energy solutions and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. Strong market growth is expected for LNG and hydrogen refueling stations, combined with corresponding production and logistics infrastructure needs.

The Wolftank Group has decades of expertise in these areas: its core competences include, for example, the storage of fuels at cryogenic temperatures and high pressure, as well as the management of the process software necessary for compression installations, temperature control and refueling.

“This speed of change is a great opportunity for us as the Wolftank Group. We have started 2022 with a boost and will actively exploit all the opportunities the markets offer. step by step growth.” concludes CEO Peter Werth.

About Wolftank Group

Wolftank Group is a leading technology partner for energy and environmental solutions operating worldwide. In the field of energy mobility and logistics, the Group supports its customers in more than 20 countries to implement projects in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. To do this, it develops and implements tomorrow’s technologies to decarbonize transport and build zero-emission mobility infrastructure – such as the turnkey delivery of modular hydrogen and LNG refueling facilities. In the field of environmental solutions, the offer includes due diligence for environmental risks, tailor-made services for soil and groundwater remediation, as well as recycling. Group subsidiaries in eight countries on three continents are managed by Wolftank-Adisa Holding AG, based in Innsbruck, Austria. The share of Wolftank-Adisa Holding AG (WKN: A2PBHR; ISIN: AT0000A25NJ6) is listed on the direct market plus segment of the Vienna Stock Exchange AG and on the m:access of the Munich Stock Exchange and is traded on Xetra, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Berlin Stock Exchanges.

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